Device offline, even if active on network, after updating to balenaOS 2.29.2+rev1

@pavelbinar, @KeanTattOng, if your device is running a development image of balenaOS, you may able to open a ssh terminal to the host OS with the command:
ssh -p 22222 root@<ipAddress>
where <ipAddress> is the device’s IP address, for example, (If the web dashboard is not showing the device’s IP address, you may be able to look at the DHCP allocation table of your WiFi router status page, or running the command arp -an on your laptop/desktop.

Once you have opened a ssh terminal on the host OS, you can investigate the issue further by looking at logs with command such as:
journalctl -a
journalctl -u resin-supervisor
journalctl -u openvpn
balena-engine ps -a
balena-engine images

And others. If the issue is indeed the same as originally reported in this conversation (“Error cleaning up <hash>: (HTTP code 409) conflict - conflict: unable to delete (cannot be forced)”), then you may attempt to fix the problem by running the commands kindly shared by imrehg in the following post:

If your device is running a production image:

  • If you have convenient physical access to it, it may be easiest to take SD card out and either reflash it, or add a ssh key to it as samothx pointed out in his reply above:
  • Otherwise, if the device is on the same network as other balenaOS devices and at least one of those other devices is online and operational, we may be able to access the device that is reported offline via one of the online devices. In order to do this, use the web dashboard to grant support access to both devices (the one offline and the one online on the same network) and share the device UUIDs or device dashboard URLs. You may prefer to share the UUIDs or URLs through a private message.