Delta Server take too much time to build a new image

Hi Team, I saw that many times Delta Server take so much time to build a new Delta Image… almost at the moment of write this I have spent 60 min waiting a new Delta image be delivered to push into the devices

This is the message I got after each retry…
Failed to download image ‘’ due to ‘Delta server is still processing the delta, will retry’

Some way to improve this? thanks!

after almost 2 hours waiting the Delta images, I need to Disable the DELTA support to allow the devices update to the latest version. :frowning: this is not the first time that have this problem.

Hi. Was this a particular big update you were doing?
Let me ping the appropriate person for delta issues

Hi, so we are having some problems with the delta generation servers which have caused this. We are working to fix this and will get back to you

Hi. The problem has been solved and delta generation should be functional again.

thanks! do you think can implement some Alert for this cases? or other way to report this to you? as Delta server is a high priority service, that block all the devices update when has some delay into process.

Thanks again.

Hello, we report current status at where you can subscribe for notifications. You’re looking for the “Delta Image Downloads” service, though “API” and “Application Registry” also affect service level.

Hi, yes my first task before write here the issue, was go to status page and check if some issue was reported, and nothing was register, the issue was declared many hours after y write into this forum post.

For this reason my question if exist a better way to report to your team issues like this?


Yes, it is possible that you’ll see an issue before our status page has been fully updated at times, though we do our best to limit that as much we can of course. We’ve also just released some improvements to the delta generation service specifically, which should help avoid many problems like this in future.

In general, if you think you’ve found a service issue that should be on our status page but isn’t, creating a post on the forums is a good way to get in touch with the team. If you have a paid plan, you can also reach the engineering team directly via our private support channels.