Custom imx6ull board


Right now I am working on NXP imx6ull (ARM® Cortex-A7 528Mhz)custom board. the board has nand flash of 256 MB and 256 MB RAM. Can balenaOs can be ported to this device?


Unfortunately both RAM and flash storage on that device would not be sufficient to run balenaOS. The recommended specs are 512MB ram and 4GB storage. It’s possible to go lower than that, but 256/256 would not be feasible unfortunately.
Thank you.

Hi @srlowe,

I have noticed where the image is build for 512MB Nand.

Just want to know is it worth trying for our custom board with 256/256

Hi Karthi, even if you could remove enough of the default packages to minimize the OS to fit within a 256mb Nand size, you would have little if any storage left for the containers / Applications. Thanks.