Start BalenaOS on board based on NXP IMX6 Dual Lite


I try to flash and install balenaOS on an own board based on IMX-6. Board is similar to Solid Run Humming Board. I use the image balenaOS 2.15.1+rev3 supply in Download Page for SolidRun Humming Board. Nonetheless, I don’t have good result for the moment.

The board is connect via Ethernet cable and I don’t see IP traffic and none IP address are attributed to the board. Balena scan give none result too. Are there are a special setting to do for enable Internet during boot ?

I would like to see kernel trace via serial port in order to confirm if µsom booting correctly. In Doc, it’s indicated the default setting of Development BalenaOS enable serial port. However i don’t receive any data.

I test the same procedure with Raspberry 3 and it’s Ok.

I don’t find config.txt on /boot/ partition to enable uart or other peripherals with this balenaOs version.
Have you got any advice to help me start balenaOS with the good configuration on my board ? Where can I edit the device tree overlays on the boot partition ? The balenaOS 2.15.1+rev3 image is it adapted for my board ? Do you think i must build own balenaOS with Yocto ?