Create bootable USB from mutliple recovery DVD's with Etcher?

Hi, I’m using version 1.3.1 Etcher and have been swapping over to some Linux distros and loving leaving windows!! BUT would like to “save” my original windows recovery from my DVDs and also my recovery partition if possible to a USB in case I want to sell the laptops.

I have typically 3 or 4 DVD’s and I’d like to turn that into one bootable USB if possible, has anyone tried this?

Also I’d like to install etcher on a couple laptops and create a bootable USB from the hidden recovery Partition in those, has anyone attempted this? Then I can swap those over to Linux.

I’m using version 1.3.1 but can update anytime if that’s better?

Thanks for any help (I’m pretty new to anything like this!) I posted this in general discussion before I realized this was a better place to put it. Sorry, new user!

This desire is beyond the current scope of Etcher, which is focussed on creating a USB from an image.
However, from one tech to another, it sounds as though what you want to do is ghost the HDD into an image file that you can then store. Other Google Searches do exist, but my quick look around found