CPU Performance of devices

I am running different applications(temperature sensor, motion sensor etc.) with Raspberry Pi2, RPi3 and Intel Edison boards. How can I know the CPU usage/performance of these applications?

I can get real time view of performance with top/htop commands in normal Linux but I am not sure how to do it with Resin.io

I am new to Resin.io and I didn’t know that I can access the terminal from dashboard. I am able to find CPU and memory performance from terminal with following commands.

sar -u 100 10 > /home/pi/us_cpu

sar -r 100 10 > /home/pi/us_mem

Hi, welcome onboard! :smiley:

Yes, you can use the web terminal to connect within the container, and then use whatever tool’s you need (e.g. run apt-get install htop within there, and then just use htop, as you’ve mentioned. See more docs at using the dashboard web terminall

If that’s more convenient, you can also use the resin command line interface resin-cli to run a resin ssh command logging into your application container from (similar to the web terminal, but you can take advantage of your normal terminal on your development computer). See some more docs at Using resin ssh from the cli.

Let us know how it goes! (and what you find out:)

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Hello lamsailorman,
You might also consider using a monitoring tool like Datadog. There is an example docker image here https://github.com/resin-io/docker-dd-agent.