Connectivity issues to Wifi from Raspberry Pi Zero W

Good morning all

I have been facing an issue for some time now trying to connect to the internet. I’ve got a raspberry pi zero trying to connect to a 2.4GHz network. I’ve tried so many different variables in which could be correct but I still get the 4 dots wifi error.

If anyone could be of assistance it’d be much appreciated

Thanks all

Hello, Would you be able mount the sd card from another computer, to verify that the wifi credentials are correct? There are some notes about how to do that here: Troubleshooting - Balena Documentation

I’ve switched around every which way on the config, also changed the setup on the Hub to try and match it to no avail.
Contacting seller atm as the wifi chip on the Zero is extremely hot to touch (burning level)

If you still have issues connecting to WiFi after you have ruled out a temperature problem with the hardware, let us know.