Connect to external vpn



I’m trying to run a container that needs to connect to a openvpn server.

I’m creating a openvpn-client container and I’m trying to route other containers traffic though the vpn container.
I’m following this repo

In the example is used the network_mode: service:[name] option for docker-compose which is not supported by resin.

Is there any other what to route traffic from one container to another that is supported by resin? Any other idea on how to connect to the vpn and let other containers us it.



Hey, you can check out for the docker-compose fields that are supported on resin


Hey Page,

Yes, I did find that docs. That’t why I was asserting that network_mode: service:[name] is not supported by resin.

Have you heard any way or have had the experience of trying to route container traffic through openvpn in a way that is supported by resin?



Hi, @_Page do you have any plans to support network_mode: service:[name] in the foreseeable future?


We are planning to add support for this. We don’t have yet a timeframe for it but it is something we have on our pipeline.


Thanks! I found in balena-supervisor repo there is a PR on wip state for a couple of months… I hope that can be used… :slight_smile: