Configure uEnv.txt on beaglebone black from balena cloud

We need to configure our beaglebone black by setting a few options in /mnt/boo/uenv.txt. Is it possible for us to configure this file via balena cloud so we don’t have to manually configure each device or downloaded image?


As far as I’m aware, there is no way to do this through cloud other than SSH into the device HostOS and modify it. (please correct me if I’m wrong)

Assuming you want to do this for multiple devices, that gets sloppy and error-prone very fast.
It’s probably easier to just download the image, mount it on a loopback device and then edit it, before flashing it onto devices.

Hi @sgardner,

Can you share a bit more about what you’re trying to configure?

As a guess, I’m thinking you might be trying to edit something with an overlay, which we do support, and you’ll find some details from another customer doing this in another Forums thread.

But if that’s not the case, just share a few more details with us and we’ll work with you from there. :slight_smile: