Clone entire USB-stick to an other USB-stick

Hi there, i don’t have English as my native language, so i hope i can explain the question.
Is it posible to clone a entire USB-stick to another USB-stick?

Hello, that’s a good question!

Etcher can’t clone a USB stick to another directly. However as an alternative you could create an image of the USB stick you want to clone, and then use etcher to flash this image to the new USB stick. Depending on what platform you are using, you will have to use a different tool to create the image:

Windows: win32 disk imager should allow this
Linux: you can use the ‘dd’ utility on the command line

Some quick Googling should bring up some tutorials on how to create the image of the USB stick you want to copy.

Hi, thanks for your answer.
This is about a bootable USB stick.
I have Zorin OS (Linux) on my computer as operating system and give some advice to other Zorin OS users for using Balena Etcher as the only good application for making bootable USB-sticks with a Linux OS. But i have read on the website AternativeTo that you can clone entire disks bit by bit: "BalenaEtcher is a majestic piece of software. It works perfectly with Linux ISOs/IMGs and to clone entire disks, bit by bit. ", so i tought maybe we can clone a bootable USB drive.

Etcher accepts lots of different disk image as the source but will not read directly from a drive. If you can create the image on Zorin, it will write it to a drive. There are some options here which may help you to create an image:

Thanks for the splendid answers, but i think we stick to the basic: download the Zorin OS .iso to your desktop and just use Balena Etcher to make a bootable USB-stick and after that use another USB-stick to recreate a bootable USB-stick if you want more than one for distribute.