Can I do a low level clone a qnx formatted disk


I would like to clone a hard disk to another hard disk. The source is 100gb qnx device while the target is 120gb ssd without any formatting done. I want to make a 1;1 clone and to lose the extra 20GB. So far I found out I can only do this with Clonezilla which is tricky to use, etc. Can I do this with etcher?

Just to be clear I want to do very low-level clone without any changes made whatsoever to the source disk.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,
I confirm that Etcher from v1.5.107 should be able to do what you just described. The only problem is that in the recent past we had some clone issues that occurred on Windows and only on certain Etcher versions. I would suggest you to read this forum thread before doing any kind of try Balena Etcher - clone drive, now have two blank drives - #28 by zvin, since this could cause a complete erase of all data.
Guide for the clone option

I plan on using Mac OS for this purpose. I wish it was possible to first clone the drive into an iso, remove it and then “burn” it into another drive, just to be 100% sure that the origin is intact. It is a car system drive so I don’t have any marghin for error.

With macOS you should not have any problems then. What I’m thinking is that you could create an ISO from the bootable with one of these two methods 2 Ways to Create an ISO from a Bootable USB in Linux and then as you said burn it into the other drive.
Hope this guide on how to create it can help you .

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Worked flawlessly!

Cloned 100gb in less than 30min and the car already uses the new disc. Much faster :slight_smile:

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I am trying to do the same. Clone a qnx drive from my bmw to another hdd drive. Can I request you to share the tips or the process you followed.

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