Clarification on How to Push Code from GitHub Repo

Hey @steve_cline

I’ve just tested the public URL from a Windows 10 machine (as well as an OSX one) and could access the feed perfectly. It’s probably some weird configuration issue in your PC. Can you capture the console logs in one of the non-working chrome devices and paste the result here?


Here you go:

Hey there Steve,
You seem to have pasted the logs from the device on balenaCloud.
The logs that would be helpful are the chrome browser logs when trying to view the feed. You can press Shift + CTRL + J to access it.

However, in my opinion this seems to be related to browsers hiding the local IP address from WebRTC. Can you try the steps listed here and see if it helps?

pasted here for your convenience:

Chrome browsers will hide the local IP address from WebRTC, making the page appear but no camera view. To resolve this try the following

  • Enter this URL in your browser: chrome://flags
  • Ensure the media flag is enabled (this will give you access to other features)
  • Now set “Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC” to Disabled
  • Refresh your app page

Firefox may also hide local IP address from WebRTC, confirm following in ‘config:about’

  • media.peerconnection.enabled: true
  • false

That fixed it! Thanks!