Chromium example

Im looking to use a full feature browser, especially around webrtc support, most likely chromium, or possibly firefox, in something like a kiosk mode.

This seems to have been accomplished a few times over the years but none of these seem to work anymore:

Chromium doesnt appear to successfully start or find X?

[Logs]    [2/18/2019, 7:12:35 PM] [main] Adding user pi to group video
[Logs]    [2/18/2019, 7:12:35 PM] [main] root@ec2468a:/usr/src/app# hostname: No address associated with hostname
[Logs]    [2/18/2019, 7:12:35 PM] [main] xauth:  file /home/pi/.Xauthority does not exist
[Logs]    [2/18/2019, 7:12:36 PM] [main] xauth: (stdin):1:  bad display name "ec2468a:0" in "add" command
[Logs]    [2/18/2019, 7:12:36 PM] [main] 
[Logs]    [2/18/2019, 7:12:36 PM] [main] /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc: 3: exec: /usr/bin/X: not found
[Logs]    [2/18/2019, 7:12:51 PM] [main] xinit: giving up
[Logs]    [2/18/2019, 7:12:51 PM] [main] xinit: unable to connect to X server: Connection refused
[Logs]    [2/18/2019, 7:12:51 PM] [main] xinit: server error
[Logs]    [2/18/2019, 7:12:51 PM] [main] xauth: (argv):1:  bad display name "ec2468a:0" in "remove" command

Firefox Comes up in X with a firefox has crashed window

In the meantime Ive been pointed at an electron implementation but thats not super ideal for me, I am looking for the chromium driver set.

However Im looking to see if theres some modern wizardry around an Xorg server in that dockerfile I can figure out.

If anyone has any more pointers or links Any help appreciated.

Hey there @jacobrosenthal

Can you take a look at

You have to modify the Dockerfile to install chromium, and uncomment line 29.
Also change the autostart code to run chromium.

Let me know if it works.

@jacobrosenthal - check out my repo here

I ended up getting linked to jayatvars/balena-chromium-kiosk from @jayatvars and its working great so far.

Thanks all!

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