Change the default splash screen on Intel Upboard Project


My team wants to change the splash screen logo at launch. I haven’t been able to find documentation on the best way to change the splash screen. We are running an intel compute stick using the upboard image.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

The default logo can be changed by replacing the splash/resin-logo.png file that you will find in the first partition of our images (boot partition) with your own image.
We plan to add this information to our docs, you can follow the progress on this GitHub issue

Thanks! That worked for us. Is there a config we can also change so the default background color isn’t white?

I think the best suggestion we’ve got right this instant for background colour is to make the aspect ratio of your image match that of the target screen. Longer term I will create a feature request from this thread, look out for updates here.

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