RPi splashscreen at launch and resin.io



I’m testing resin.io with a Raspberry Pi 2, I managed to remove the rainbow screen, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to :

  • Replace the rainbow screen with a custom splashscreen (maybe with a custom base page)
  • Remove the raspberry four icons screen
  • Remove the screen with the ascii art resin.io and the sentence : booted, check your resin.io dashboard

Thanks a lot :smile:


Hello there,
Let me take them in order:

  1. Removing the rainbow screen is the easy one, all you have to do is go into config.txt (found in your boot partition) and set DISABLE_SPLASH to 1
  2. This the hard one. For this one you have to re-compile your kernel with a specific flag ( I can give you more details on this one if you wish) , but you can always use our latest image, it already has the four icons removed.
  3. For this one you need to disable a service called tty-replacement. The easiest way to do this get the SD card and plug it into a Linux machine. Here you should find resin-root mounted. I assume the mount point is /mnt/resin-root, with this in mind delete this: /mnt/resin-root/etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/tty-replacement.service. This should disable the service and the device should not produce the ascii art anymore.

All 3 of this points are being addressed by our team, 1 should come to our image this week, 2 is already present and 3 will come to our image, as a configuration flag, towards the end of this month.

Hope this puts you on the right track,


Thanks a lot for the answers :smile:


Hey @samoud, we have some updates since the last time

Now resin devices support splash screens: you can change the splash image on SD card: go to the resin-boot partition of the card, and into the splash directory. Replace the resin-logo.png with your own version. Only png files are supported at the moment, and the best is to use one with a white or transparent background if it does not completely fill the screen (we fill out the background with white)

The splash screen is displayed using plymouth. At the momet by default your logo will be scaled down to half of the screen at the moment, if needed you can adjust that in the resin plymouth theme: on the resin-root partition go to /usr/share/plymouth/themes/resin/ and in the resin.script file edit the scale_factor = scale_factor / 2; line as needed.

This should be much easier to do. And lot has changed since March in resin-land. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, just a quick follow up. Is point 3 already configurable? Via ApplicationConfigVar?



Hi Frans, I think that unfortunately needs manual editing of the SD card, not configurable from the Device Configuration.


Just for the record ==> in the gitter chat I found the solution for point 3 ==> by going to FLEET CONFIGURATION and creating a variable RESIN_HOST_LOG_TO_DISPLAY and setting it to 0, you remove the ASCII art tekst during boot