Change openBalena hostname post install

I was wondering if it is possible to change the hostname of the openBalena after running the quickstart script? I have a server whose hostname will most likely change in the coming weeks and I was wondering it is possible to change without reinstalling/reinitializing all of the devices. If it is not possible is there a way to export/reimport an applications settings?

Technically it should be possible but you’re looking to a world of pain, for several reasons, and I can’t recommend you try it. One is that the certificates are tied to the hostname and they are installed into the devices so even if the server certs changed for the new hostname, you’d still need to somehow install them into the devices. The other reason is that the registry hostname is embedded into the names of the images for the releases you’ve built, so if it changed you’d have to somehow migrate the database and also retag the images on the registry.

You may have better luck deploying a second backend instance under the new hostname and using the CLI’s join command to move them over, but that comes with its own set of gotchas that may also make it impractical.

Okay thank you! Is there a way to export environmental variables or device configs from openbalena?

I think you can write a small script that does that (using either the CLI or the API directly), but there isn’t a simpler way to achieve that.