Changing settings (e.g. domain)


Hi all,

I’m currently in the progress of setting up a relatively stable setup of my openBalena instance. I’ve tested openBalena on a domain name that I don’t want to use for production. Now that I’ve registered the domain name that I want to use for openBalena, my first thought was: Redo the setup process, but with another -d domain. But, unfortunately, that didn’t work. The openBalena instance still uses the old domain certificates (I’ve added the -c parameter for ACME certificates). Obviously, the new domain has SSL errors.

I understand that changing a domain name isn’t something you do on a regular basis, and I also understand that the openBalena devices already registered be like: “What? Where did openBalena go?”, because of the domain changes. But I can reflash those devices, so that’s not a problem at the moment. Because there isn’t much documentation at this time, I can’t really figure out all configuration that takes place, thus I can’t figure out what goes wrong.

How do I change my domain name in openBalena, which then creates and uses the new ACME SSL certificates?

Thanks in advance!