Correct Way to Change Hostname

To manually change a device’s hostname, mostly so it advertises it via mDNS, what is the usual procedure?

I found this post:

But it seems my devices do not have a hostname property:

  "apiEndpoint": "",
  "appUpdatePollInterval": 900000,
  "applicationId": "XXXXXXXXX",
  "deltaEndpoint": "",
  "deviceApiKey": "XXXXXXXXX",
  "deviceApiKeys": {
    "": "XXXXXXXXX"
  "deviceType": "raspberrypi4-64",
  "listenPort": "48484",
  "mixpanelToken": "9ef939ea64cb6cd8bbc96af72345d70d",
  "registryEndpoint": "",
  "userId": "157471",
  "vpnEndpoint": "",
  "vpnPort": "443",
  "uuid": "XXXXXXXXX",
  "registered_at": 1603202331188,
  "deviceId": 4095300

Should I just add it?




You can just add it to the config.json, more details can be found in our docs here

Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.