Cellular Backup

I’ve seen https://resin.io/blog/cellular-connectivity/ and https://talk.resin.io/t/cellular-modem-support/195.

My use case is slightly different, where I want the device to typically work over a wired or wifi connection. However, in the case of an outage only, it should switch to a cellular modem seamlessly.

What are the options for setting this up with resin? Could we more or less follow the blog post (run the cell connection from within the container) but just leave the ethernet connected? It’s ok if the resin supervisor functionality is not available in this mode (in fact, it would be preferred since this is just for an emergency backup of some critical functions of our application).

Hey Scriby!

Yes you could follow the same blogpost and leave the ethernet connected. If you want the modem to be connected all the time but do not want the default internet to work through the modem, you could add a nodefaultroute option in /etc/ppp/options. Alternatively you could dial out only when there is no internet connection.

Do let me know if this works for you.