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I have a Volvo C30 with an old 30-pin iPod input. If I plug my old iPod there, I can listen to all the music inside, select it from the car stereo controls, jump tracks from the steering wheel controls and see those track names on the stereo screen.
I want to connect my iPhone to the car via AirPlay or Bluetooth and keep those functions: track name on the screen and controls from the steering wheel.
My first attempt was to jailbreak the iPod and install some packages from Cydia. I didn’t find any way to configure the iPod as a Bluetooth sink, so AiPlay is still the only way and, as I wasn’t either able to create a WiFi hotspot from the iPod, I have to take it out of the glovebox and manually connect it to the iPhone’s just manually enabled hotspot each time I go into the car. A real pain in the neck.
I want to try it now with a Raspberry Pi to iPod HiFi 30-pin-dock Adapter for Airplay Audio Streaming (How to Turn your Raspberry Pi Zero W into an Airplay Streaming Adapter – Poolside Factory) united with a Raspberry Pi Zero W which even takes power from the car’s iPod interface through it.
Now, the point is… if I use Balena and Bluetooth, will it pass the songs metadata through the 30-pin iPod connector? will it respond to steering wheel’s commands and pass them through Bluetooth?
What do you think?

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Hi @nikemen, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately it won’t pass neither metadata nor commands through, this is currently not supported in the software stack that’s being used by balenaSound (which is the project you linked). I created a GitHub issue to track this request as I think it’s a great addition, though I can’t say for sure when this will get addressed.

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Link to the GitHub feature request: [Feature] Support metadata and commands · Issue #17 · balenablocks/bluetooth · GitHub

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Thanks very much!