Can't update from 2.41.1 to 2.44.1

We’ve got a couple hundred devices and some of them are on 2.41.1+rev1 but most of them are on 2.44.1+rev1. The 2.41.1 devices do not show an update OS option. All devices are the same hardware.

Any idea why this is?

Hi Frank. The reason you are seeing this is that we had to pull the 2.44 version of the OS for all device types as we found a race condition in the boot process that would sometimes not allow the supervisor to start up correctly. We are working on releasing 2.45.1 for all device types, with a fix for this.

Thx, do I need to be concerned about the devices that are on 2.44.1?

The issue only happens sporadically and from what I understand it prevents the supervisor from starting, so would prevent app updates and the use of the supervisor API. What device type are you using, I could find out how soon the update will be available.

we’re using the intel-nuc image. Got about 100 devices on 2.44.0.

Also, does this brick the device or will a reboot fix this?

A reboot should fix it, the device still will be online, its just the supervisor that won’t start. So we would be able to do support intervention as well. I think the intel Nuc image should be out in the next few days

My colleague says the NUC image on 2.45.1 should be released early next week


Can I subscribe to a twitter stream or some other notification to know when the new image is released?

Unfortunately we don’t yet have a notification service for the OS, but we have attached your conversation with an internal issue tracker, so once we release it we will come back and update here.

Well, that probably explains some odd startup behaviour I saw when one of my (v2.44.0) devices was brought online today. A reboot cleared it, but I had to force it to ignore an update lock that appeared from somewhere.

Hi there. Thanks for the update. The 2.45.1rev1 version has been released to staging, so I would expect a production release soon. We’ll let you know when the production release happens. Let us know if we can help with with anything else in the mean time.



BalenaOS 2.46.0 is now available for download in production for the Intel NUC. Please let us know if you are still seeing the same issues with this version.