Can't update Balena CLI

Hey folks,

I’ve ben real lazy and haven’t updated Balena cli for some time, What I used to do in the past is just download the latest zip, so in my case I have downloaded

Now what I’d do in the past is just extract and copy the contents to my Balena folder, however, even after trying this and copying over the existing files, when I run it, I just get the same message?

Sorry I haven’t been catching up with how to install the latest, but any help would be much appreciated.


@Wayne at first glance I would guess that when you run the ‘balena’ command, it’s not running the version extracted into the folder, but rather one somewhere else on the machine. There’s likely an ‘installed’ version and binary somewhere else. You could confirm this by running ./balena to use the version in the directory.


A little hint for finding out which balena is running, is to use… which balena .
That should give you the exact path of the executable.

If you’re using Windows, you can use the similar command where.exe balena.
Note that in a PowerShell terminal it is important to specify the .exe extension as where is a keyword.

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