balenaOS standalone update


I’m currently evaluating the use of balenaOS in local/standalone mode for a project.
Is there a way to update balenaOS (with all the security features: A/B root part.) with the use of a local .img file via the balena CLI ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, we don’t have documented way of updating standalone balenaOS. One possible solution is to setup open-balena and connect the device to it, then updates are possible: Roadmap for BalenaOS Updates in OpenBalena

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Hi, thanks for the answer. As I understood it, there no documented to update the OS beside using an openBalena server. However, you said there is no “documented way”. Do you maybe have an undocumented way that you could share here ?

Unfortunately, I can’t. Even if I could find anything, it would be unstable and not tested. I have created internal issue for this. We’ll notify you when we have any update.

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Ok no problem.

Thank you for answering me.