Can't source Raspberry Pi4

Hi all,

I’ve been expecting problems with board sourcing for some time and sure enough now they’ve hit.

I can’t get a Raspberry Pi board from anywhere. I need a Pi4 variant for some A/V stuff I am doing.

Can you suggest any sources or alternative clones that Balena supports well?



Hi there, we have the same problem really with sourcing pi4’s.

What features of the pi4 are crititcal to your application? Based on your requirements, maybe we can suggest an alternative that balena OS supports


Hi - playing back audio and video

Maybe some board on base of the i.MX8 series? I have never tried them, but on paper they got an Full HD decoder and could also output 4k (however, looks like no aceeleration?)

( also it looks like balena supports some Variscite SOMs: balenaOS - Run Docker containers on embedded IoT devices )

Hi Alex,

Try CanaKit at (Canadian, as the name suggests) or PiShop ( or Canada Robotix (Raspberry Pi in Canada Robotix). In fact, google “RPi4 sellers in Canada” and you should find a healthy number of hits.

Good Luck,


Hey VicD, I just took a look - all three websites have no stock of RPi 4 - I think what @ajlennon meant was pages that still can ship Raspberry Pi 4 - not backordering these :slight_smile:
But thanks for mentioning additional shops.
I think the “best source” of info is currently - its crawling websites worldwide.
The only thing in stock right now are some RPi 3 A+ in swiss… as it seems.

Yeah thanks but same. They were all out of stock too

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@ajlennon we have seen some users running on Rock Pi devices, but not sure there is stock or they work for what you need. I also have seen on the Embedded World Raspberry Pi 4 kind of devices with different chips (not the broadcom).

Clearly I need to get the guys here to put together a Pi equivalent i.MX8M Mini board :smiley:

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Looking forward to see your reviews :slight_smile: I can see here that some of the Variscite are supported by balena → Single-board computers - Balena Documentation


I just had a look at : raspberry pi 4. They’re promising “One Day Delivery - July 19” with Prime Membership. Worth a looksee.

@VicD let us know if you get them on-time :slight_smile:

Hi Marc, I’m not planning on buying another Pi (I’ve already got three) but just suggesting that the OP look into the Amazon offer. Generally, they follow up an order with a confirmation email citing a promised delivery date. If that date is unsuitable, just cancel the order. They do this for Prime members, but I suspect they do so with all buyers. A buyer has nothing to lose as their refund policy is prompt and fair. I’ve been dealing with them for many years now and haven’t experienced any difficulty in returning items, electronic or otherwise.
I realize that I sound like an Amazon commercial, but that has been my actual experience.
Can’t hurt to try, can it?!

Thanks all!