Can't mount Balena as an USB drive

Hi, can you try flashing from other computer?

Yep thats done.But still its not working!

OK, can you try alternative way of flashing to fin?

The Raspberry Pi Foundation provides a tool that allows the Compute Module to expose the eMMC as a mass storage device that can be flashed like any other media. If you want to use the tool provided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation instead, please follow their instructions here.


I have already done with this process but still this doesn’t work. Are there any other processes ?

You can use lsusb command to check if your dev computer sees fin. If you are on windows you can check device manager. If fin is not there, then most probably the device is damaged.

I have checked many times in Device manager but there is not showing the balenaFin. Is the device damaged ?

Most probably - yes. I think the best way to ensure that the device is broken is to try same actions with another fin (if you have one).

I received this Fin as a prize from Hackster. And I don’t have an extra Fin. What should I do now ?

Maybe you can try flashing the Fin with Etcher from a Linux or Mac OS laptop. If this still does not work then most probably the Fin is indeed damaged.

It would have been great if I would have a Linux or MAC but unfortunately neither me nor any of my relatives have a MAC . So what shall I do ?

Could you please send us some pictures where we can see how the cables are connected.
It would be great if you could send us how you inserted the Compute Module in the Fin, and have images where the cable connection is clearly visible, from both sides.


Respected Ma’am ,
Here the are following images that you have asked.


Can you please confirm if you have followed these exact steps -

  • Connect the USB wire from your computer to the fin
  • Then power it up using the barrel jack
  • After that open balenaEtcher

Make sure that you haven’t powered it up and then connected to the computer.

Yes I have followed all the steps as being told but it didn’t work.


We checked the photos you sent again, and the Compute Module is not properly inserted into the balenaFin carrier board. Can you make sure that you have properly inserted the module and that the locking mechanism on the sides properly latches?

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Hello there sir.
Just checked that the mistake was from my side. I am very sorry for causing so much disturbance to you guys. Again thanks for letting me know about it. Thanks a lot Anuj Sir. :smiley: :smile:

Its working finally.

Hello, no worries, we are glad to hear everything is working now. Let us know if any other issue comes up in the future.