Can't get wifi-connect to run at startup Raspberry pi bookworm

I’ve had to use this command to get wifi-connect to install on pi os bookwork running on at pi B3+:

curl -L | sed 's/\*rpi/*aarch64/' | bash

It installed correctly, but I can’t get the script to run at startup using crontab. I’ve added the file to home/pi and added to the crontab file:

@reboot sleep 10 && /home/pi/

If i simply run sh while connect to the network MYSSID i get the correct response of:

Skipping WiFi Connect

Am I doing this wrong? Thanks!


If you’re getting “Skipping WiFi Connect”, that means you are already connected by WiFi.
The application is only really run when you are not already connected, so you can configure the connection.

Yes that’s the expected behavior. My issue is getting the service to run on start up when a known WiFi connection is not found.