Balena wifi-connect


I have a question about Balena wifi-connect. What changes need to be made to wifi-connect to make an access point when where is no familiar wifi network around ?

also there is a code that start wifi-connect at every orange pi zero start-up.

I am using Orange-pi zero with armbian OS

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Hi Aivaras

To your first question, balena WiFi Connect is designed to do exactly what you are asking for. Upon startup it will try to connect to one of the known networks. If it can’t, it will create the AP to allow you connect and access the captive portal to configure a new access to the visible networks. This way, if no known network is visible, you should be able to see in your phone (or any other device nearby) a WiFi SSID with the WiFI Connect AP.

For making it start after boot, you will have to configure it as a linux service, and linux will take care of it. Try using this instructions and see if you can get it to work:


Maybe you have a script to start wifi-connect on boot ?

Best Regards
Aivaras Chomskis

Hi Aivaras,

As my colleague highlighted, it would be best to try one of the ways highlighted with the link for creating a startup boot script. The reason there are a couple of methods is all distros have slightly diff services bundled; so you might want to confirm what is armbian OS coming with.

Let us know how it goes or if you run into any errors while running this.