cant create bootable usb

Hello, im trying to create a bootable USB from balena etcher of windows 11, it somehow always end up in a failure with the error ENOSPC: no space left on device, write which is odd since my usb does have space, any work arounds?

How big is your USB, and can you test it by copying some large files to it and off it.

hey, my usb is 16GB wide, roughly a bit less but i formatted it multiple times to make sure there is nothing on it and everything is being used, one only partition of 14.93gb is all it got and yet it still doesnt work somehow.
Is it possible to (how dont even know how) damage a usb stick to the point where it cant be bootable anymore at all, by damaged i mean virtually, no physical damage

It’s certainly possible for USB flash drives to become damaged & wear out through normal usage, but for it to report only 14.93gb out of an advertised 16gb seems suspiciously low. If this is an older drive you’ve been using for some time & are confident that it can, in fact, store large files then it might be wearing out & showing early signs of failure.

However, if this is a newer or relatively unused drive it’s possible it’s a counterfeit & displaying more space than it actually has; I don’t want to advocate for any specific tools to check this but a quick internet search will provide plenty of options to test your drive. The easiest way to verify if your drive does in fact have enough capacity would be, as my colleague suggested already, to try storing some large files on it & read them back again (some fake drives out there will allow large file copies to appear to succeed but will invisibly overwrite data).