Can't build BalenaOS target up-board v2.29.2


I want to build a BalenaOS for an up-board in version 2.29.2 as recommended on Balena Dashboard. But I have an error with resin-image-initramfs and core-image-minimal-initramfs. See the Github Gist for logs :

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thanks in advance !

What is the command line that you are trying to build?

(Also, what’s the reason that you are building your own image, if we may ask?)

I ran bitbake resin-image-flasher. I have downgraded version from 2.39.0 to 2.29.2 .

We build own image because we need some drivers for touchscreen, wifi dongle or customize boot animation.

Few weeks ago I have seen that the version of BalenaOS in Dashboard was 2.39, why you downgrade it ?

I would recommend using balena-yocto-scripts/build/barys -m up-board (and see the other barys options with --help), not bitbake directly. This is because barys sets up a bunch of things requited for balenaOS in the local configuration. Can you try that one?
This mentioned in as well, if that helps.

One more note, before doing that, delete the current build folder, just in case, so the right configuration is generated.

Ok thanks, I will try that.