Can't boot Pop!_os

I used belena to flash an ssd drive with 500gb it’s a Samsung and for some reason flashed an old HDD in my PC from an old vista computer I put both of these above windows on the boot order and it seems to boot as normal getting to the “Welcome to Pop!_os” text followed by a bunch of green oks then it keep going all the text stops screen turns off and my monitor says input not supported, I have a newish acer that I got last year is it too new? does acer not support a specific linux thing? I followed the ltt tutorial to a T I use nvidia so got the nvidia version, is there a step I’m missing? is this the right place to post it? please help me

Hello there,

it sounds like flashing the os image was successful so you don’t have a problem with balena.

You should flash the os image to a removable drive, boot from that drive and when it is running from the flashed drive you have the option to install the full os to your main drive. Pop!_OS (Install) - System76 Support
About compatibility you may ask too.