Can I flash my os on my main system drive


I have no os on my pc cus my usb is live only
when i click my usb on bios and click install os its crash the live usb and dont do it.

My Last Way

My only way is use balena etcher and flash it on main system

What will happen please help
me. My Teacher will hate me cus its been a week and haven’t attended my class because of this.

Thank you

Hi @iian-lauc,

What exactly are you planning on flashing onto the main drive? This sounds like a non-traditional workflow which I wouldn’t recommend, particularly because it’s likely the USB and the main drive will be of different sizes, meaning you’d need to expand the main drive after flashing, if this even succeeds. Instead, what hardware are you running (32-bit, 64-bit), and what OS are you trying to install from USB? Maybe the OS is not compatible with the hardware.


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Pop Os


64 Bits My friends & Family call it Nasa pc because of high specs and fast,


I was going to do this. Thx for replying also I know this is bad timing but i finally installed the os now,

How I fixed it!

I know this is so random timing sorry, I was bored yesterday so i got a idea about doing some experiments i code my system in my live pop os usb and copy paste some live usb files. After that the installer finally open.
Thank You @cywang117 For Replying