Can I use belenaSound without belenaCloud?

It seems like both deployment options referenced in the docs, click to deploy and CLI, require the use of belenaCloud. Are there any docs/guides for running belenaSound without using belenaCloud? Including, as I assume would be required, building OS images to flash the devices with?

Hello there, balenaSound developer here.

I’m not aware of any alternative guides to install/run balenaSound in other environments. However I can tell you that for modern versions of balenaSound (anything above v3.0) there is no dependancy on balenaCloud but rather balenaOS.

You could run it without balenaCloud, but you still need balenaOS as the underlying OS. You could modify the project to have it run in any OS that runs docker though you would need to sacrifice (or rethink) some functionality because it relies on balenaOS features.

I can pin point instances in the code where changes are required, and we could start a discussion over GitHub but I don’t think this is something we want to allocate resources anytime soon unfortunately. That said, I’d gladly help out anyone interested in contributing a PR for this and can help guide too.