Using balena os without cloud

I want to use balena os without the utilities balena provides. I managed to establish a connection to the shell via ssh on the production image and I noticed that most of the directories are only read-only. Now I’m asking myself how to push my projects manually, would also be cool to have a git server on the system with the dockerized projects that I wanna run on the system. I wonder where balena would save them. Do you have any advice?

Hi there, welcome to our forums and thanks for trying out balenaOS.

Have you tried pushing with balena push <device-ip> from your development machine? As per this guide this works with development images and I think it works for production too.

Regarding the read only file system, that’s by design, you can read more about it here:

Lastly, if you are just getting started with balena my personal recommendation is to use development images and use them in conjunction with balenaCloud (first 10 devices are always free and fully featured). You can then always look into running “unmanaged” balenaOS (not connected to balenaCloud or other clouds), or even set up your own openBalena cloud which will give you some of the cloud features too.

I guess it would work on production too but I’m somehow encountering this problem even though I think I installed the newest version available.

The supervisor version on this remote device does not support multicontainer local mode. Please update your device to balenaOS v2.20.0 or greater from the dashboard.

That’s the supervisor I have installed:

balena/aarch64-supervisor:v10.6.27 - resin_supervisor

Hey. What version of the balenaOS are you running, and under what circumstances are you getting this notice?

If you’re just getting started I’d suggest following some guides - - to get the general feeling of how the whole system works.