Broken usb drive

I flashed an iso to my 64 gb usb drive but now it is read only and i can only use 2 mb of it. I’ve tried everything from using diskpart the run dialog external apps and none of it is working even the advice from the website they all end up with me not being able to fix my usb drive. Please any help would be so appreciated.

Hello @Zakawaka did you try the step by step shared here?

Yes I have and it didn’t work. This is what happens when I use the guide. I also don’t have a mac available to me.

It looks like the USB drive may be failing. Do you have another one you can try?

no i don’t have any other usb drives

I suggest obtaining another one to try and see if that works.

i just tried another usb drive and it works fine

Glad to hear it worked, let us know if you run into any more issues.

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