Booting my USB drive with Linux Mint(debian) stuck and cancel button doesnt work

I was bootinng an USB so i could install Linux Mint, i clicked flash after picking the ISO file but it went to the booting screen and it got stuck on “starting” and it does not let me cancel the process because the blue cancel text when clicked just turns grey and does not do anything. If i close the window it says my USB drive may become unusable, what can i do?
USB storage space: almost 4GB(dont recall how much it was exactly)
ISO file size: 2.69 GB
BalenaEtcher version: ETCHER FOR WINDOWS (X86|X64) (INSTALLER)

Hello, are you trying to make a bootable USB to install Linux Mint on a PC or make a “live” USB to boot and run Linux Mint from it? 4GB may not be enough space for the latter.
Also, is the USB drive 4GB in total or does it have old partitions/other data on it?