Boombeastic v2 hardware update


Boombeastic is an awesome project by @curcuz to create a connected speaker based on Raspberry Pi, see The making of Boombesatic blogpost! He kept working on the design, and the 2nd revision ncludes bendable laser cut design for curves, and a JustBoom amplifier for event better audio :speaker: Check out this album for the current look!

Apperntly he’s working on improving this design further, I’m curious to see how it will be :smiley:


Hey @imrehg - indeed this is a WIP for the stereo version, on which I am putting a lot of effort. The plan is to make it at least 2 variants, one based on the pimoroni pHAT beat and one based on the justboom amp pHAT.

I will get rid of the zipties and design a small 3d printed joint item and add a on/off switch button to the build