Customisable Doorbell


Okay, so what does a Resineer do when he has an old HiFi, an old RPi and a desire for his doorbell to play rock music? A Hack Friday of course! I was expecting this to be done and documented within just the one day, but then I had some learning experiences. The result, as it stands, is below; but I’m really tempted to mount it in a BoomBeastic box before final install.

So, things I’ve learnt:

  • The cobblers are not 26/40 pin compatible. New t-cobbler ordered and arrived!
  • That sometimes the solution to “why is this not booting” isn’t “there must be something wrong with all 6 of these images” but “squidge the SD card in case the connectors need a tweak”.
  • That hearing the Star Trek door chimes when pressing a door bell does not get old.


Wow, that’s very cool! Lots of opportunities for playing with the sounds. I’d myself would probably put a the Self-Satisfied Doors from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Though that might get old very quickly :door:

“Hummmmmmmyummmmmmm ah!”

Or the doorbell from the movie Murder by Death, which were screams. :stuck_out_tongue: