Bluez issues on Pi 4B on balenaOS

Having an issue on Pi 4 with bluez 5.50-1.2~deb10u2+rpt1 where the bluetooth will connect and then immediately disconnect within a few seconds.

Is there any known issues with Pi 4 bluetooth?

With a CM3+ with a bluetooth USB dongle (csr8510 chipset) it works fine.

(Possibly related to this issue)

Hi Aaron, we don’t have any reported issue with the RPI4 bluetooth. As you know we have balenaSound working on the RPI4 so I would think we would have reports if there were bluetooth problems.

Do you experience similar issues with Raspbian?

Also, we are using firmware files from Update broadcom/BCM4345C0.hcd · RPi-Distro/bluez-firmware@96eefff · GitHub, it might be worth to experimenting copying firmware files from master and see if the problems persists.

As per the thread you mention, it concludes pointing to a firmware update which has already been added to the repository above.