Bluetooth Scanner for Search and Rescue?

I am a detective and my agency has started deploying drones in search and rescue/recovery situations. I am exploring the feasibility of utilizing a BTLE scanner mounted on a drone to receive beacons and signal strength from devices that have no business being there, such as in the middle of a forest, nature preserve, extremely rough terrain, near rivers, lakes, etc. There is currently no products I am aware of for purchase that would have this capability. My idea is to maybe have a raspberry pi or device programmed to scan for BTLE with patch or other type of directional antenna facing downward, then create a mapping mission in the drone software to systematically cover a given area looking for key tags, and IOT devices that may be on the victim’s person.
Is this a feasible task and how complicated would it be? I have very little programming experience but could seek help from others in my department if needed. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

Hey there,

Take a look at this project:

The code in the beacon service should get you going. Let me know if you and your colleagues need more help.