BG96 Compatibility

I see it looks like the BalenaFin supports the EC25 module from Quectel very robustly.

Would a modem like the Quectel BG96 work over USB in the same manner with a Pi/BalenaFin?

Looking to support some connectivity easily through ModemManager and leverage Balena for management via cellular networks.

Hi there,

I’m not sure whether we’ve tested this device with balenaOS. I’ve asked our team to see if anyone has used one. Other than that I can only give you the general advice that if it works with Raspbian it can be made to work with balenaOS with varying degrees of messing around required to make it work. Doing some googling seems to indicate that the device relies on quite a new raspberry pi firmware version, which AFAICT we haven’t shipped yet in our production images (I am not a member of the balenaOS team though, so I can’t be sure). I don’t want to say it can’t be done, but I also don’t want to underestimate how annoying troubleshooting cellular connections can be. I’ll let you know if one of the team pipes up and says they’ve used one before.

Good luck!

Hi, adding to what my colleague said, here is the list of the modems we currently test our OS with:
This is not to say that the Quectel BG96 won’t work with balenaOS, we just have not tested it. I would be interested in knowing if it works as expected if you have the hw to give it a go.

Thanks both for the insight! I may give it a go and will report back on the BG96. Is there much difference between the base BalenaFin image/firmware and a RaspberryPi image?

With regards to the modem support, there are no differences between rpi and balenaFin images at the same version