Belena Pro can replicate at block/disk level?

I’m excited about the upcoming Belena Pro replicator… I’ve used similar replicators, like the USB replicator, which works for simple FAT32, NTFS and exFAT drives, but the moment I give it a Ubuntu bootable USB drive with three partitions, it chokes. It refuses to replicate it.

So my question is, will Belena Pro be able to replicate a drive at block level, ignoring any concept of “partitions” or “formats” and just copying the darn USB, MicroSD, etc. etc.?

And if you want a Beta tester, I can be your man! I have an upcoming project that may require it.

Hey @micd welcome to the forums! EtcherPro will replicate devices at block level, the idea is that no matter what the contents of the device are, they will be replicated without any interference.

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