BeagleBone Black USB Ethernet

I’m trying to setup a BeagleBone Black to work offline, these devices are going to be going everywhere and the local networks available may not be friendly to foreign devices (universities etc).

One of the reasons we intialy chose the BBB was because it had a USB to ethernet adapter plugged in, which any reasonably competent user could be expected to use if the appropriate drivers were already installed, but it doesn’t appear to be active in the resin image (certainly not registering on my Mac but I don’t have another BBB to validate against at the moment so it could be Mac side).

Before I waist too many years of my life arguing with it, does anybody know if this is A) supported at all, and B) enabled by default/how to enable it if not? Any help would be much appreciated.

The BeagleBone Black on-board ethernet should work out of the box with resinOS, although it will expect to configure an IP via DHCP by default.

@willn I think the OP tries to use the interface that is provided over the USB OTG port. I guess he has the same Setup as i Described in my Thread BeagleBone Black TTY over USB / FTDI. Just he wants to access the Ethernet port where i tried to access the serial port.

As i have some Intrest here aswell,
Is it possible to activate the Ethernet interface (i think on debian it is called usb0) ?

To setup networking over the USB OTG it’s required to load the appropriate USB gadget driver and bring up the network interface on host and device:

Note that you can only load one gadget driver at once, so if you have a requirement of both serial and ethernet at the same time you will need to look into the g_multi driver or composite gadget drivers.