Bcnc setup with Rasp Pi and 3018Pro

I have installed a raspberry pi 4 with bcnc ( using the following instructions ( I have installed to the point of obtaining Charlie the Unicorn but my applications are not running on the device (except for mpg-streamer which is odd considering i do not have a camera on this pi).

Hi. Could you share more details? By not running, do you mean the other services haven’t been downloaded? Are they erroring out? Or are they running according to the dashboard but you can’t load the CNC.js web interface?

cnc.js is installed but not running (i click the play button with no effect), the mdms and proxy are downloaded but not running. this is according to the dashboard. I can click the play button without effect on the three troublesome apps.

Can you see any errors in the log window? Does the device’s diagnostics (left vertical bar in the device’s page) flags anything?

small paste of maybe problem
06.10.20 10:47:51 (-0700) Installed service ‘cncjs sha256:44716e46ce5febf40969eb452d0f213893820ac4fc72da3a1aa993e2ef6d1578’
06.10.20 10:47:51 (-0700) Starting service ‘cncjs sha256:44716e46ce5febf40969eb452d0f213893820ac4fc72da3a1aa993e2ef6d1578’
06.10.20 10:49:36 (-0700) Killing service ‘cncjs sha256:44716e46ce5febf40969eb452d0f213893820ac4fc72da3a1aa993e2ef6d1578’

Are you able to SSH into the device and look into its journalctl logs? If you enable support access we can take a look too

Putty connection refused. where are the journalct logs located? I grabbed to sd card a searched for journalct, did not find any matches.

by enable support access, do you mean add you as a collaborator? I can do it if you show me how.

Since this is a production image, you can only SSH into it through the terminal in the dashboard or through the command balena ssh. By default, logs are not persisted on disk so the device needs to be running.

We have a guide on how to enable support access here:

I am not sure what magic just happened (shutting down withdrawing the sd card and reinserting), but everything works! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction (i know it was for troubleshooting, but hey it works now.)

Glad to hear :slight_smile:

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I’m no longer at Balena, but feel free to mention me if you need help with CNC stuff folks.

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