BalensOS with RPi3 got issue with unknown OS version and no terminal

Hi, I am following this tutorial
I have installed BalenaOS image on my RPi3. In the dashboard the device is online but Host OS Version is “Unknown” and if i try to open a terminal (from dashboard) I can only choose Host OS but i get this message:
Host OS access is only available for devices running balenaOS v2.0.0 or greater.

Can you please help on these 2 issues?

ok, i have installed the DEV version and now all looks good.
However next question is: when I type “docker ps” it does not recognize the command. Why is that? Is because it does not run Docker but Containerd? And why the nodejs process is not showed as a container (in the ps command)?

once again I reply myself. BalenaOS runs the balena engine. so just run “balena xx”

Hey @banto_78, welcome to balenaForums.
Indeed balenaEngine is used in balenaOS, so you need to run balena commands for interacting with the container engine.
Regarding your first issue, it appears you have been running an old balenaOS version. Using the latest version production variant of balenaOS is recommended (if your use case isn’t local development… Please note some key Production-Development image differences here

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