Host OS access is only available for devices running balenaOS v2.0.0 or greater.

Hi everyone,

I´m lately having trouble opening a Terminal Session for the HOST OS.
It shows “Host OS access is only available for devices running balenaOS v2.0.0 or greater.” and I can´t open a session. I have already updated OS to balenaOS 2.98.11 und the supervisor to latest but this didn´t help.
I´m running my projects on RPI4, amd64 and i386 architectures, all have the same issue.

Hello @knaps97 thanks for your message.

Could you please share more details? balenaOS and supervisor versions? and a screenshot?

did you try to run the Diagnostics? what does it say?

Hi @mpous, Device Health Checks, shows no problem the supervisor state shows the following versions:
“os_version”: “balenaOS 2.98.11”
“supervisor_version”: “13.1.6”

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@knaps97 last weekend we changed from to . That caused a mass reconnection of devices and apparently your device have had problems reconnecting again to the VPN.

Do you have any problem rebooting the device?

@mpous yes, but that didn´t helped.

@mpous during the day without doing anything all of our device terminals are working again, even on the machines without the updated balenaOS and Supervisor.
Seems that you were right about that change and that our players just took a bit longer to reconnect correctly (we are having really small bandwith at our branches).

@mpous today it is again not working on any devices.
Have there been any changes?

Hi, can I suggest you enable persistent logging for one of the devices? That will store logs on disk so we can check them after they come back online and find out what’s going on during the disconnection periods. Please remember to disable the setting after the test as storing the logs in disk will wear out the media and reduce the life time of storage.

I can see if we have devices where it is safe to do so, but they are always online and don´t deliver any strange logs so I don´t really see the point. It is just that the Terminal for Host can´t be opend.

Today it is like the day before yesterday working again without having done anything.

Did you check the logs once you enabled persistent logging? Could you please share the logs? More information here Configuration - Balena Documentation

@knaps97 could you please confirm if the logs have more information after you enabled persistent logging? Thank you!