BalenaSound - Multiroom, Standalone, Virtual rooms


can you help me and let me know, if it is possible with BalenaSound this scenario?:

  • I would like to have a lot of speakers connected to BalenaSound (In Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Garden)

  • When I would like to stream for example Spotify music, I will choose from Spotify Device list “Living room”

  • But sometimes, I would like to stream Spotify music to all speakers in whole house

So, Is it possible to have some “Virtual rooms”, which will be connected from some speakers? For example I will have virtual room with name “Dayroom”, where will be connected Living room and Kitchen. Or I will have virtual room with name “Whole house”, where will be connected all speakers from house.

So when I will open device list, I can choose: Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Garden, Dayroom, Whole house?

Or this is not possible and I must have all speakers only in one mode? (Multiroom or Standalone)


Hey Roman!

I do not believe this is possible with the current implementation of balena. The architecture currently elects one master device which output to all the clients that are connected to it.

However, that seems like a great idea and one that would be useful to a lot of people!

I would invite you, if you want, to open an issue in the balena sound repo, and maybe our devs can add that to the todo list.

Thanks for your input,

Zane Hitchcox