Balenalib/intel-nuc-alpine-node:11.14.0 not setting BALENA_ env vars

On my container using a multistage build of balenalib/intel-nuc-alpine-node:11.14.0, the BALENA_ env vars are not set. However, RESIN_ env vars are set. It is my understanding both the BALENA_ and RESIN_ vars should be set in the running container. Is that correct?

Hi @scubacyclecode! In general, the existence of RESIN_ prefixed environment variables would depend (for example on your OS and supervisor version). At some point, All RESIN_ prefixed environment variables will be replaced by BALENA_ prefixed ones.

Supervisor version makes sense. Now that I check that variable, I only see the problem occurring on older supervisors.


This isn’t a problem, just a result the gradual rename of the OS, cloud, etc from Resin variants to Balena ones. Cheers!