BalenaFin zero - question

Hello like in the topic:

Do you have any plan to add something like BalenaFin Zero?

Not-so-much powerful like balenaFin, but more powerful than RPI zero

Ideal will be to have board with ethernet, wifi, rtc clock and EMMC included, and be gpio-compatible with Raspberry pi zero.

Of course, is just a question! In my opinion market is missing this.



Thanks for reaching out!

We don’t currently have any plans to create a Pi Zero compatible board, although I have contacted the balena Fin engineers to ensure that my information is correct.

I believe we do offer Fin depopulation prices so that if you only need specific features on the Fin (and not all of them), you can get boards which only include what you need. Does that help?

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The problem is, that the board itself is too big to potentialy include it in cases, and in case of our future products it will look bad, when we choose bigger :smiley:

But as i understood - it have 100% compability with balenaOS and future support

BalenaOS is great, but with raspberry pi zero it’s a bit slow, and rpi zero have no ethernet built-in

So i thought that maybe there is a plan to make some smaller board that will be super-compatible with balenaOS, so we can wait a bit with our project

If not - no problem! Thanks for fast answer

Hi again,

No problem. I’ve reached out to the product managers, and they may have some more details on this, so we’ll see what they come back with. Again, thanks for reaching out with the question!

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Hi @Razikus,

We’re working on a cheaper version of the balenaFin with the same form factor so it won’t help on the size constraints front.

I’ll make sure to add your feedback so we can discuss it for our future roadmap. Thank you for sharing!


Hi @ntzovanis -

Can you share an approximate timeline on the reduced cost version of the fin?

What features are you intending to remove? What is the target price point?


Hi @ajcap ,

We don’t have a timeline we can share at this point, but I’ll make sure to update this post as soon as we do. It will definitely be sub $100 price point, but I’ll be able to share a more accurate range shortly. With regards to the functionalities, that’s still in discussion because we’re looking for ways to keep as many as possible while achieving a lower cost.

Are you interested in any particular price point and/or feature set?


Hi Nico-

Thanks for the reply.

We are looking for a version that excludes the display and camera interfaces and rather adds Modbus RTU and CAN, two common industrial automation protocols. I’ve been in contact with the team via other channels and am aware of your depopulation services, which is an appealing route, but if there is already something in the works that would be good to know.

Seems that we will likely have to enable CAN and RTU via our own hat, though it would be very useful if those were natively integrated. I would not be surprised to learn of other customers with similar needs in industrial settings.

We are aiming for roughly $100 for carrier + CM3.

Eager to hear more about developments of this new version.



Hello Austin,

I don’t think we’re going to have issues on the pricing front. Regarding the CAN and/or Modbus, is the bigger case your only concern for using HATs or is there any other reason? We’ve had a few customers using those protocols but they were using HATs.

I’m very interested to hear your thoughts. By the way, if at any point you’re uncomfortable sharing information in this public channel, feel free to send us an email.