BalenaFin I2S interface

Raspberry Pi 3 model B has I2S digital audio interface.
Is there a similar interface in BalenaFin v1.1.1?
I didn’t find anything in the documentation.

Hey @AlexS yes the Fin GPIO header is 100% compatible with the Raspberry Pi - I2S included. I have used mine with I2S DAC hats without any issue :+1:

Thank you

I guess there are 2 IC2, am I right? One from the cm3 and another from the co-processor. What is the address from the co-processor?


there seems to be a little confusion between I2S and I2C. The original question was about the I2S which is a digital audio interface and is working on the balenaFin just as it would on a standard Raspberry Pi.

As I understand you are asking about I2C which is a data bus. Though the co-processor shares access to some I2C peripherals on the balenaFin it does not list itself as a slave device so it does not have an ‘address’. If you need to access the co-processor you should do that via UART. In case you have more questions about I2C or the co-processor it would be best if you could start a separate thread.