balenaEtcher needs privileged access in order to flash disks

I’m attempting to flash Lakka to a microSD on my MacBook (Big Sur v11.6) so that I can install Lakka to a Raspberry Pi. I downloaded belenaEtcher for macOS v1.7.3 from (balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives). Whenever I attempt to flash to the SD card, I am prompted to enter a password. My computer admin password does not work despite the fact that I am the only user of this computer and my account has admin access.

I have tried troubleshooting in the following ways: (i) opening the app by right clicking the desktop icon, but that does not bypass the need for a password. (ii) I opened the Terminal and pasted in “sudo su -”. After keying in my password, the response is “[username] is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.” (iii) I then pasted “/Applications/” to the Terminal, which opens balenaEtcher, but still does not bypass the password prompt.

Thanks for your support to get this resolved.
-Tom S

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Same issue here … no clue what this password is about.

I added balenaetcher to System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Privacy/Full Disk Access.

But I still got the same enter-password-and-start-over-with-only-the-image-selected.

So I followed the instructions here:

to add myself (an admin user) to the sudoers list.

balenaetcher now flashes perfectly!

Thank you for finding that, Julian, that will help other users I’m sure. I will add an internal note about this.